Hosting Docker Containers on Azure - Part 2

In the previous part, we created a Docker host OS on Azure. Now that we have a host OS ready, we can create different containers on top of it. In this post we will create a mongodb container and host it on our azure host OS. There are multiple ways to do this. In here we are trying a more reusable way: Creating Dockerfile Building an image based on the Dockerfile Pushing the image to Docker Hub repository Run a new container on Azure Creating Dockerfile Dockerfile is like a step by step instructions file that tells docker how to create an image....

April 5, 2015 · 5 min · Amir Mohtasebi

Hosting Docker Containers on Azure - Part 1

Docker is an open platform that helps developers, testers, and Ops team to develop, test, and deploy containers to different environments faster and in an efficient manner. Multiple containers can be hosted in one virtual machine so: It reduces the need to configure virtual machines, Containers are hosted in isolation and they cannot affect each other. Containers sharing the OS core and it leads to smaller size, faster boot time, as well as better utilization of resources Containers can be stored and be reused for future use The legacy implementation that is purely based on VMs, uses a VM per application and all VMs are managed by a Hypervisor:...

April 3, 2015 · 3 min · Amir Mohtasebi

Introduction to Azure Biztalk Service

Update: As of today Nov. 22, 2014, Azure BizTalk services are generally available and completely supported and backed by SLA. Recently Azure added a new service that is in the preview. BizTalk services is a new part of the Azure family. You can apply for the preview version and it will be available right from the Azure console. It took few seconds for my case to get approved so it should be fast for you as well....

July 16, 2013 · 8 min · Amir Mohtasebi