Today 6th December 2011, dates my first year anniversary in this company. Since I was a teen, my dream was to work in a big enterprise as a tech lead and now I have it (at that time we praised BillG not SteveJ).

Working in these big companies is a little different from working for a small local company (my previous job) or working on your own start-up. I experienced:

  • Lots of meetings & conference calls,
  • No direct contact with customer (actually I haven’t seen my customer yet)
  • KPIs and Time Trackers for billings and those craps,
  • Working with legacy software (80% of maintenance, 20% new product)
On the bright side, I see:
  • Organizational structure,
  • Good benefits,
  • Free software and tools
  • Supporting teams
  • Good CV for future references

A huge change in my lifestyle has happened in this period. As my main customer operates in different time-zones, I am engaging with them 24*7, and I still check my emails at night. It happens a lot that I wake up, check my emails in the bed and even reply back sometimes (God knows about spelling mistakes etc.). This bothers lots of my friends around me, but it’s obvious for me, my career is my first priority.

Anyway, I am happy that I managed to finish the first year here. I met lots of people with different mindsets towards their job, and learned a lot from them.

As I am living in my dreams and I like it that way, my next goal is to reach to that technical and business expertise to establish my own start up in next two years. You can sign up for my job openings from now on